415 Squadron  Association

Full Official Name: Vickers Wellington

Manufacturer: Vickers

Role: Medium Bomber

Crew: 5 (pilot, observer (also navigator and bomber), front gunner, wireless operator and rear gunner)

Design: The Wellington was designed by Barnes Wallis. Due to its geodetic "basket-weave" construction, was renowned for the punishment it could take. Its skin was doped fabric. Both popular and reliable, the Wellington was used for advanced training well past 1945.

Engines: It was equipped with two inline or radial engines.

Armaments: 2 x hydraulic power-operated gun turrets, 2 x .303 Browning machine guns in front, 4 x .303 Browning MG in rear.

Performance: Maximum speed 235 mph

Combat radius: With a combat load of 4,500 lbs of bombs it could operate up to 1,200 miles, with a maximum height of 20,000 feet.