415 Squadron  Association

The ability to build bridges between heritage, experience and the wider community are major assets in an honorary colonel. 415 (Long Range Patrol Force Development) Squadron said goodbye to one and welcomed another June 22.

“No two honorary colonels are exactly the same, but links to squadron history are one way, building bridges between the squadron and the community and industry and academia are another; and providing mentorship and perspective to members of the squadron – we appreciate everything you do,” said Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Bernie Thorne

Honorary Colonel Dr. Danny Silver joined 415 Squadron as it reformed in 2015, bringing a couple of years’ experience with him from his tenure at the included 14 Software Engineering Squadron. The Acadia University computer science professor was a natural fit with 14 SES’s work, and 415 Squadron’s focus on “developing technologies,” Thorne said, continued the tradition of “gathering together folks who understand how to make the aircraft all work together.

“Your expertise on computers made for great discussions with our members, and you were an active participant in our unit – and our members were always welcome at Acadia for higher learning.”

415 Squadron welcomed a familiar face as its new honorary colonel: Sandra Snow, currently the mayor of Kentville and co-operator of a bed and breakfast, has over three decades’ experience with the Aurora, having arrived at 14 Wing Greenwood with the aircraft in 1980.

“She has contributed so much to the development of the fleet, she gives us links to the Aurora through history, the roles of past units here within 415, and working with industry and the community.”

Silver said it was an “honour and a privilege” for him to serve “a remarkable group of people.

“You have a great dedication to your work, you’ve all been very busy over the past two years doing remarkable things, working in advanced technologies and providing service overseas at the same time.”

Snow recalled her retirement farewell event 15 years ago, also held at the VP International centre, thinking that would mark the end of her involvement with the Aurora.

“I remember, though, the first conference I went to as mayor of Kentville, there was a behavioural exercise that indicated I have a control issue. That’s me! All these things you try and control and make happen – then you take a breath, you see you have people around you and you can create an environment where people grow and prosper. That’s what 415 is doing: creating an environment of how this aircraft is going to fly and fight, and how people will do their jobs. I love the thought I’ll be a mentor and a part of this.”

Honorary Colonels ID mentorship, links and people in roles for 415
Sara White