415 Squadron  Association

Full Official Name: Handley Page Hampden

Manufacturer: Handley Page

Role: Bomber

Crew: 4 (pilot, observer, gunner/wireless operator and air gunner)

Design: All metal. Its looks belied a strong and reliable type. Withdrawn from RAF service in mid-Sep 1942. Nicknamed the 'flying tadpole' it flew its first combat sorties from RAF Waddington.

Engines: Twin radial engines.

Armaments: 2 x free-standing .303 Vickers MG in a dorsal position a third ventral MG pointing aft and a fourth wing-mounted fixed forward-firing .303.

Performance: Max speed 254 mph.

Combat radius: With a combat load of 4000 lbs it had a combat radius of 1200 miles and max height of 19 000 ft.

Handley Page Hampden