415 Squadron  Association


Pilot                         W/C         J               McNeill, DFC  

Navigator                P/O          S              McKillop, DFC

Bomb Aimer            F/L          W             McNicol

WOP                       F/O          C              Rowsell, DFC

M/Upper                 F/Sgt        L              Glaisher

R/Gunner               P/O          N              Graham

F/Engineer             P/O          J               Hargreaves

M/AG                      F/O          H              Powell, DFC


Pilot                         F/O          J              Patterson

Navigator                F/O          G             Kingston

Bomb Aimer           F/O           J             Harding

WOP                      Sgt           H             Jackson

M/Upper                 F/O          A              Bowman

R/Gunner               P/O          K              Maitland

F/Engineer              Sgt           B              Bell

Lane Crew


Pilot                         F/O          L              Harker    

Navigator                 F/O         K              McKenna

Bomb Aimer            P/O         D              Goranson

WOP                       Sgt          H              Sterling

M/Upper                  P/O        W              Wilson

R/Gunner                P/O          E              McAllum

F/Engineer              Sgt           W            Dickson 



Pilot                         P/O          O             Hecheter

Navigator                 F/O          J             Kirkland

Bomb Aimer            F/O          H             Webster

WOP                       W/O         E             Vaughan

M/Upper                  Sgt           J             Jacques

R/Gunner                Sgt           G             Harrison

F/Engineer              Sgt           J               Hunter    

M/AG                      Sgt           J               Richardson



Pilot                          F/O         J             Addison

Navigator                  F/O         A            Mahalek

Bomb Aimer             Sgt          J             Edgar

WOP                        F/O          F            Rackley

M/Upper                   F/O         J             Burroughs

R/Gunner                 F/O         A             Handson

F/Engineer               Sgt          L             Stoker 

Top row L to R: George Webber, Tony Tinmouth, Eddie Warren, Bas Parr
Bottom Row: Ray Nelson, Rick Richardson, Louie Todere 


Pilot                         F/O          J              Meagher

Navigator                 F/O          D             Belkin

Bomb Aimer             F/O          D             Foster

WOP                        W/O        J               Kelly

M/Upper                   Sgt         E              Lording

R/Gunner                 F/O        W             Timmermans

F/Engineer               Sgt          A              Wood

M/AG                       Sgt           F              Fry



Pilot                         F/O          E              Milibank 

Navigator                 F/Sgt       J              Absom

Bomb Aimer             F/O         H             Bucko

WOP                        W/O        W            Andrew

M/Upper                   F/Sgt       J             Zator

R/Gunner                 F/Sgt       J             Morris

 F/Engineer             Sgt           M            Swan     



Pilot                         F/O          L              Minkler   

Navigator                F/Sgt       J               Wilson

Bomb Aimer           F/O          D              Milibank

WOP                      F/Sgt        G             Johnson

M/Upper                 Sgt           P              Sheppard

R/Gunner               Sgt           N             McKenzie

F/Engineer             Sgt           G             Abram


Pilot                         F/O          P            Chapman

Navigator                F/O          G             Barron

Bomb Aimer            F/O          A             Edwards

WOP                       Sgt           H             Fox

M/Upper                 Sgt            A             Mitchell

R/Gunner               Sgt            P             Morrison

F/Engineer             Sgt            T             Guthrie



Pilot                         F/L           T            Chapman

Navigator                F/O          G             Barron

Bomb Aimer           F/O          K              Edwards

WOP                      F/Sgt       S              Hollman

M/Upper                Sgt           D              Sample

R/Gunner              Sgt           D              Shubrook

F/Engineer             Sgt           L              McLeod

M/AG                      F/Sgt       L              Glaisher


Pilot                         F/O          C             Gue        

Navigator                F/O          S              Sinclair

Bomb Aimer            F/O          A             Horie

WOP                       W/O         A             McQueen

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       J              Scott

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       P              Bell

F/Engineer              F/Sgt       A              Simpson

M/AG                      Sgt           W            Webb


Pilot                         F/O          J              McGuire 

Navigator                 F/O          N             Vaizial

Bomb Aimer            W/O         T              Barnet

WOP                        F/O          P             Donlan

M/Upper                   F/Sgt       J              Penaud

R/Gunner                 F/Sgt       A              Begin

F/Engineer              Sgt           D              Howard   



Pilot                         P/O          J               McKean  

Navigator                 F/O          D              Wakelin

Bomb Aimer             F/Sgt       G             Moffat

WOP                        Sgt           O             Higgins

M/Upper                   Sgt           J              Morris

R/Gunner                 Sgt           H             Lee

F/Engineer              Sgt           H              Gage      

M/AG                      Sgt           W              McPhee



Pilot                          W/O        J               McKenzie

Navigator                 F/Sgt       P              Herring

Bomb Aimer            F/O          L               Fuller

WOP                        Sgt          E              Bailey

M/Upper                   Sgt          J              Hogg

R/Gunner                 F/Sgt       W             Broad

 F/Engineer              Sgt           J              Charlebois              

M/AG                       Sgt           J               Graham


Pilot                         P/O          P              McLatchie              

Navigator                 F/Sgt       T              Kitchin

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J               Savage

WOP                       Sgt          W              Langford

M/Upper                 Sgt           G              Fletcher

R/Gunner               Sgt           J               Delaney

F/Engineer             Sgt           J               Gibb




Pilot                         P/O          D            McNeil   

Navigator                F/O          C            Fletcher

Bomb Aimer           F/O          W            Underhill

WOP                      F/Sgt        F             Davies

M/Upper                 F/Sgt       W            White

R/Gunner               F/Sgt       P             Ward

F/Engineer            Sgt           D             Owens

M/AG                    P/O          P              Stephens


Pilot                         F/O          P              Pallin      

Navigator                 F/O          E             Johnson

Bomb Aimer            F/O          N             Mooney

WOP                       F/Sgt       P              Bird

M/Upper                 Sgt           T              Shelley

R/Gunner               P/O          G             MacLean

F/Engineer             P/O          J              Haley


Pilot                         F/O          D              Stewart   DFC

Navigator                 F/O          J               Huddart

Bomb Aimer            P/O          P              Somers

WOP                       F/Sgt        A              Greaves

M/Upper                  Sgt           P              Flemings

R/Gunner                Sgt           W             McVean

F/Engineer              Sgt           A              Munford 


Kroeker Crew


Pilot                         F/O          F              Cahill      

Navigator                 F/O         D              Aikenhead

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J               McKenzie

WOP                        Sgt          P              Middleton

M/Upper                  P/O          P              Clyde

R/Gunner                P/O          P              Goring

F/Engineer              Sgt           J               Harpin    


Pilot                         F/O          J         McQuiston             

Navigator                 F/O          G        McGlone

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J          Egan

WOP                       Sgt          A         Walker

M/Upper                 Sgt           J         Cavanagh

R/Gunner               P/O          T         Stephens

F/Engineer              Sgt           J         Stogryn   

M/AG                      Sgt           A         Sidon



Pilot                         F/O          D              McTaggart             

Navigator                 F/O          E              Pritchard

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J               Stack

WOP                       Sgt           F              Taylor

M/Upper                 Sgt           J                Boyle

R/Gunner               Sgt                             Allan

F/Engineer              Sgt           W             Thompson              

M/AG                      Sgt           W              Smallbridge


Pilot                         F/O          E             Falconer 

Navigator                 F/Sgt       F             Ferris

Bomb Aimer            F/Sgt       N             Perkins

WOP                       W/O        W             Chowon

M/Upper                 Sgt           J               McNeil

R/Gunner               Sgt           W             Skidmore

F/Engineer              Sgt           A              Coleman

M/AG                       F/O          L              Murray



Pilot                         F/O          F              Forbes    

Navigator                F/O          J               Fernie

Bomb Aimer            F/O          S              Morris

WOP                       Sgt           D              Vitarell

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       C              Lovie

R/Gunner                Sgt           J               Scarf

F/Engineer              Sgt           P              Afford

M/AG                      Sgt           P              Morrison


Pilot                        S/L           S              Frankling

Navigator                F/O          T              Ringwall

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J               Cox

WOP                        F/Sgt       P              Brown

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       J               Grondin

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       P              Lennard

F/Engineer              Sgt          P               Duff

M/AG                      F/Sgt       W             Huskilson



Pilot                          F/O          A              Galley     

Navigator                 F/O          J               Warren

Bomb Aimer             F/O          F              Gingras

WOP                        F/O          H             Bartholomew

M/Upper                   Sgt           P              Warrington

R/Gunner                 Sgt           L              Smith

F/Engineer              Sgt           P              Kucham

M/AG                       Sgt           E              Gaton


Pilot                         F/O          W            Mitchell  

Navigator                 F/O          P             Loveridge

Bomb Aimer             F/Sgt       D             Noble

WOP                        Sgt          W            Mosey

M/Upper                   Sgt          W            Gill

R/Gunner                 Sgt           J             Gendron

F/Engineer              Sgt           A              Wridley  

M/AG                      W/O          B              Walker


Pilot                         F/O          S              Moores   

Navigator                 F/O          P              Wright

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           P              Fuller

WOP                       F/Sgt        J              Gillard

M/Upper                  Sgt           J              Grant

R/Gunner                Sgt           E              Everett

F/Engineer              Sgt           E              Hewitt

M/AG                      W/O        C               Rowe



Pilot                         F/L           T              Nears     

Navigator                Sgt           F              Warren

Bomb Aimer           Sgt           C              Gerrie

WOP                       W/O        E              Vaughan

M/Upper                 Sgt           J               Russell

R/Gunner               Sgt           J               Taylor

F/Engineer             F/Sgt        Z              Spinks

M/AG                      Sgt           D              Snell



Pilot                         F/L           P              Northrup

Navigator                 F/O          N             Thauvette

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           J               Paradis

WOP                       W/O         J               Amboise

M/Upper                  Sgt           J               Sullivan

R/Gunner                Sgt           J               Lachance

F/Engineer              Sgt           A              Bryden

M/AG                      Sgt           J               Clarke


Pilot                         F/O          P              Evans      

Navigator                F/O          L              Spry

Bomb Aimer            F/O          L              Veitch

WOP                       F/O          J               Kelly

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       D              Lorenz

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       D              Teevin

F/Engineer              Sgt           B              Wylie

Patten Crew

Stevens Crew


Pilot                         P/O          O             Lindquist

Navigator                 Sgt          E              Mahoney

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J               McQuade

WOP                        W/O        A              Lemieux

M/Upper                   Sgt         J               Main

R/Gunner                 Sgt         A              Henusett

F/Engineer              Sgt           C             Gilboy

M/AG                      Sgt           P              Lowe



Pilot                         P/O          J             Little       

Navigator                Sgt           C            Hancock

Bomb Aimer           Sgt           W            Bouvier

WOP                      Sgt           H            Smith

M/Upper                Sgt            D            Brynjoisfen

R/Gunner              P/O           J             Thompson

F/Engineer            Sgt           P             Cottoy

M/AG                    Sgt           L              Ballantyne



Pilot                         W/C          L              LeComte 

Navigator                 F/O          W             Boyd

Bomb Aimer            P/O           J              Cox

WOP                       P/O           E              Bright

M/Upper                 F/Sgt         L              Glaisher

R/Gunner               F/L            P              McNamara

F/Engineer             Sgt           A               Swarbrigk

M/AG                      P/O         T                Stephens


Pilot                         P/O          W             MacNeil 

Navigator                 F/O          P              Roy

Bomb Aimer             F/Sgt       D              Sante

WOP                        F/Sgt                       Salchenberger

M/Upper                  Sgt           A              Rafferty

R/Gunner                Sgt           J               Main

 F/Engineer             Sgt           C              Parker     

M/AG                      Sgt                            Labercane



Pilot                         F/O          J             McAllistor              

Navigator                 F/O          C            Prawdsik

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           J              Rhodes

WOP                       Sgt           E              Moynes

M/Upper                 Sgt           G              Smith

R/Gunner               P/O           A              Smith

F/Engineer              Sgt           Geneva    Watling  

M/AG                      Sgt           D               Sample



Pilot                         S/L           J               McAllistor              

Navigator                 F/L           A              Montgornery

Bomb Aimer            P/O          E              Moynes

WOP                       P/O          J               Rhodes

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       J               McNeil

R/Gunner                F/O         G              Smith

F/Engineer              P/O         C              Taylor  


Pilot                         F/O          J               McCollum               

Navigator                F/O           P              Aylesworth

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           P              Paul

WOP                       F/Sgt        A              Knight

M/Upper                  Sgt           L              Brennan

R/Gunner                W/O         J               Jones

F/Engineer              Sgt           S              Lowe



Pilot                         F/Sgt       A               McDiarmid             

Navigator                 Sgt           W             Mracek

Bomb Aimer             F/O          A              Hibbon

WOP                        Sgt           F              Adams

M/Upper                  Sgt           N             Tonello

R/Gunner                Sgt           G             Roberts

F/Engineer              Sgt           W            Gale       

M/AG                      Sgt           G             Flett



Pilot                         F/O          B              McFadden              

Navigator                 F/O          M             Conner

Bomb Aimer            F/O          E              Rhind

WOP                       Sgt           J               Rinder

M/Upper                 Sgt           J               Clarke

R/Gunner               Sgt           F              Graves

F/Engineer             Sgt           J               Burton    

M/AG                     Sgt           P              O’Conner   

Piper Crew


Pilot                         P/O         A              Cruickshank            

Navigator                F/O          J               Wynne

Bomb Aimer           F/O          G              Brush

WOP                      F/Sgt       W              Barr

M/Upper                 Sgt                           Lesage

R/Gunner               Sgt           C             Valliere

F/Engineer              Sgt           J             Wosley



Pilot                          F/O          L              Darychere               

Navigator                 F/O          P              Dean

Bomb Aimer             F/O          K              Switzer

WOP                        F/Sgt       D              Moorhouse

M/Upper                  P/O          W              Hanna

R/Gunner                Sgt           J               Harrigan

F/Engineer              Sgt           A               Harrison 




Pilot                         P/O          T              Donnelly 

Navigator                P/O          A              Kufta

Bomb Aimer            F/O          I               Dunston

WOP                       F/Sgt       L              Keddie

M/Upper                  Sgt          P              Porter

R/Gunner               F/Sgt        N             Wiseman

F/Engineer              Sgt           P              Boyack

M/AG                      Sgt           J               Taylor



Pilot                         F/O          C              Emsom   

Navigator                F/O          E              Sargent

Bomb Aimer           F/O          J               House

WOP                      F/Sgt       D              Rampton

M/Upper                 W/O        J               Lamphier

R/Gunner               W/O        C              Brewser

F/Engineer              Sgt           J             Walby


Pilot                        F/O          J             Huitman 

Navigator                F/O          P            Harris

Bomb Aimer           F/O          D            Thompson

WOP                      W/O         J              Wood

M/Upper                 F/Sgt       D              Martin

R/Gunner                Sgt         P              McKellar

F/Engineer              Sgt         T              Stones


Pilot                         F/O          G.A.        Hyland    

Navigator                 F/O          T.S.        Lewis 

Bomb Aimer            F/O          J.E.        Suttak 

WOP                       P/O          G.          Anderson 

M/Upper                  Sgt          G.J.        Peden 

R/Gunner                Sgt           G.J.       Rude 

F/Engineer              Sgt           J.A.        Neilson 


Pilot                         F/O          E             Jupp        

Navigator                F/O          A             Telford

Bomb Aimer           F/O          S              Riel

WOP                      F/O          D              Mitchell

M/Upper                 F/O          L              Johnston

R/Gunner               F/O          T              Knight

F/Engineer             Sgt           H             Swetman 



Pilot                         Sgt           J               Kerr        

Navigator                Sgt           H             Beilhartz

Bomb Aimer           P/O          P              Hayes

WOP                      W/O         G             Veryard

M/Upper                 Sgt           E              Wilson

R/Gunner               Sgt           P              James

F/Engineer             Sgt           D              Atkin

M/AG                      Sgt           S               Bayerle


Pilot                         F/O          H              Knobovitch             

Navigator                 P/O          A              Orchard

Bomb Aimer             F/O          B              Anderson

WOP                        Sgt           J              Harper

M/Upper                   Sgt           C             Seeley

R/Gunner                 Sgt           V             Valde

F/Engineer              Sgt           S              Kirkpatrick

M/AG                      Sgt            J              Tisdalle


Pilot                         Sgt           C            Kroeker   

Navigator                 Sgt           P             Nicolls

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           P             Chatfield

WOP                       F/Sgt       G             Doyle

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       B              Walker

R/Gunner                Sgt           N             Orbach

F/Engineer              Sgt           L              Tongue   

M/AG                      W/O        C               Rowe


Pilot                         F/O          D             Huffman

Navigator                 F/O          H             Meadus

Bomb Aimer             F/O          F              Hale

WOP                        F/O          A              Blenkhorn

M/Upper                  Sgt           S              French

R/Gunner               F/Sgt         K              Clayton

F/Engineer              Sgt           N              Lavers


Pilot                         F/O          L              Patten    

Navigator                 F/O          P              Provias

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           P              Hill

WOP                       Sgt           J               Ford

M/Upper                 Sgt           A               Kell

R/Gunner               Sgt           E               Turner

F/Engineer             Sgt           P               Watson  

M/AG                     Sgt           W              Moulden

Russell Crew


Pilot                         P/O          G             Grier       

Navigator                 F/O          P              Mikalchuk

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           J               Marshall

WOP                       F/Sgt       J               Harrigan

M/Upper                Sgt           J               Aickon

R/Gunner              Sgt           G             Johnston

 F/Engineer            Sgt           J               Andrews 

From left to right: Paul Pokryfka, Bill Jones, Lou Russell, Roy Brown, Jim Gallagher and Charlie Craigie.  Missing L. Trowsdale


Pilot                          F/O          C            Holter     

Navigator                 F/O          A             Smith

Bomb Aimer            F/O          W            Burke

WOP                       F/O          H             Bateman

M/Upper                 Sgt           H             Paifsky

R/Gunner               Sgt           H             Miller

F/Engineer             Sgt           J             Jones



Pilot                         F/L           J               Hovey     

Navigator                F/O          C              Connell

Bomb Aimer            F/O          A              Wittingham

WOP                       Sgt           J               Currie

M/Upper                  Sgt           J               Gordon

R/Gunner                Sgt           A              Maxham

F/Engineer              Sgt           S              Coulter

M/AG                      Sgt           D              Barrett


Pilot                         P/O          A             Tinmouth

Navigator                P/O          A              Richardson

Bomb Aimer            F/Sgt       L              Todere

WOP                       P/O          P              Nelson

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       E              Parr

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       G             Webber

F/Engineer              Sgt           E             Warren

M/AG                      P/O          M             Graham



Pilot                         F/L           C              Thompson              

Navigator                 F/O          P              Gladding

Bomb Aimer             F/O          J               Mallard

WOP                        Sgt           N              Gallery

M/Upper                   Sgt           H              Garner

R/Gunner                 Sgt           P               Stringer

F/Engineer               Sgt           G              Bancroft 

M/AG                       Sgt           J               Geadron



Pilot                         F/Sgt      H              Ward      

Navigator                F/Sgt       S              Robinson

Bomb Aimer            Sgt          A              Heaverman

WOP                       F/Sgt       L              Cameron

M/Upper                  Sgt          N             Slaney

R/Gunner                Sgt          F              McPhee

F/Engineer              Sgt          J               Fawcett



Pilot                        F/O          J               Weir       

Navigator                F/O          P              Fleming

Bomb Aimer            F/O          P              Bowen

WOP                       F/O          H              Lyons

M/Upper                  Sgt          G              Parkes

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       H              Warner

F/Engineer              Sgt           J              Potter

M/AG                      Sgt           C              Labercane



Pilot                         F/O          E              Wilkinson               

Navigator                F/O          A              Thomson

Bomb Aimer           F/O          W            Standing

WOP                      F/Sgt        G             Shultz

M/Upper                 F/O          P              Baltzer

R/Gunner               Sgt           J               Ashton

F/Engineer             Sgt           W            Fyfe




Pilot                         S/L           B              Wilmot   

Navigator                P/O          S              McKillop

Bomb Aimer            F/L           A              McBain

WOP                       F/O          W              Eaglestone

M/Upper                  W/O         W              Fry

R/Gunner                P/O          J               Thompson

F/Engineer              Sgt           N                Malpass



Pilot                         F/L           A              Winmill  

Navigator                 F/O          W            Donley

Bomb Aimer             F/O          P             Carreau

WOP                        Sgt           W            Jenner

M/Upper                   Sgt           A              Kilgore

R/Gunner                 P/O          F              Pegg

F/Engineer               Sgt          W              Fox         


Pilot                         P/O          J               Tims       

Navigator                 F/L           P              Davis

Bomb Aimer            F/O          p               Scandon

WOP                       Sgt           J               Deschambeault

M/Upper                 Sgt           P              Stewart

R/Gunner               Sgt           S              Cunningham

F/Engineer             Sgt           N              Bell

M/AG                     Sgt           D              Shubrook


Pilot                         P/O          P              Gingrich 

Navigator                 P/O          E              Vaughan

Bomb Aimer            F/O          D              Gosling

WOP                       F/O          J               Winch

M/Upper                 F/O          N             Boyce

R/Gunner               Sgt           M             Hoiser

F/Engineer             Sgt           E              Tait

M/AG                     Sgt           W            Bridle


Pilot                          F/O          W           Goodwin

Navigator                  F/O          H            Frew

Bomb Aimer             F/Sgt       O             Ross

WOP                        F/Sgt       H             Clitheros

M/Upper                   F/Sgt       A             Stewart

R/Gunner                 F/Sgt       W            Woytowich

F/Engineer               Sgt           P            Gault      

M/AG                       Sgt           K            Bradley


Pilot                        W/C        ] P             Blagrave 

Navigator                F/O          G             Paul

Bomb Aimer            F/O          B              Lod

WOP                        F/O          P             McCall

M/Upper                  W/O         P              Gaust

R/Gunner                 F/Sgt       V              Vandwater

F/Engineer               Sgt          G              Adair



Pilot                         F/L           W            Borrett   

Navigator                F/O          D              Sloan

Bomb Aimer            F/O          T              Daniel

WOP                       Sgt           P              Collins

M/Upper                  Sgt           P              Mogridge

R/Gunner                Sgt           K              Bradley

F/Engineer              Sgt           D              Binnie

M/AG                      F/Sgt        C              Roy



Pilot                        P/O          J               Britt        

Navigator                F/Sgt       J               Pape

Bomb Aimer           F/O          A              Gray

WOP                       F/Sgt       P              Blau

M/Upper                 Sgt           D              Barrett

R/Gunner               F/Sgt       W            Bridle

F/Engineer              Sgt          C            Ramsbottom

M/AG                      Sgt          C            Roy


Pilot                         F/O          W            Brown    

Navigator                 F/L           D            Thompson

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           F              Baptiste

WOP                        F/O          P             McGill

M/Upper                  Sgt           C             Labercane

R/Gunner                F/O          W             Huskilson

F/Engineer              Sgt           P              Larke

M/AG                      Sgt           J               Vine


Pilot                         F/O          B             Cowieson

Navigator                F/O          G             Stewart

Bomb Aimer            F/O          N             Mealing

WOP                       W/O         L             Dewan

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       W            Dekur

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       W            Harvey

F/Engineer              Sgt           A             Law


Sherman Crew


Pilot                        F/O          J               Sadler     

Navigator                F/O          H             Hannah

Bomb Aimer           F/O          K              Crawley

WOP                      F/Sgt       D              Casey

M/Upper                 F/Sgt       T              Wood

R/Gunner               F/Sgt       W             Weeks

F/Engineer            Sgt           W             Brown 



Pilot                         F/O          W            Sherman

Navigator                F/O          G             Aubrey

Bomb Aimer            F/O          D              Dworkin

WOP                       F/O          W            Quinlan

M/Upper                  Sgt           L              McGlashan

R/Gunner                Sgt           E              Sears

F/Engineer              Sgt           L              Park

M/AG                      Sgt           J               Mitchell


Pilot                         F/O          C              Piper       

Navigator                F/O          D              Summerville

Bomb Aimer            F/O          A              Robinson

WOP                       Sgt           H             Gonik

M/Upper                 Sgt           J               Richardson

R/Gunner               Sgt           G             Flott

F/Engineer             Sgt           J               Kerr

M/AG                      F/O          P              Baltzer

Grier Crew



Pilot                         F/O           D              Clarke     

Navigator                 F/O          W              Kirk

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           A               Page

WOP                       Sgt           J                Belanger

M/Upper                  Sgt           N               Fortin

R/Gunner                F/O          C               Oates

F/Engineer              Sgt           E               Minnikin 



Pilot                        P/O          V             Clouthier

Navigator                F/Sgt       N             Laimon

Bomb Aimer           F/O          L              Murray

WOP                      Sgt           D             Derricott

M/Upper                 Sgt          W             Bevans

R/Gunner               Sgt           H             Carmicheal

F/Engineer             Sgt           G             Holman

415 Squadron Crews – Halifax Era – East Moor 1944 - 1945

 The book titled “The East Moor Experience” assembled by Brian Shields was the primary reference used to develop the list of 415 Squadron Halifax Crews.  Additional information, included crew photos, has been gathered through numerous sources and is an ongoing activity.  Any errors or omissions in the information listed below are not intentional and the 415 Squadron Association would be pleased to receive any input, including additional crew photos, which would enhance the accuracy of this record.  

Chartier Crew


Pilot                         Sgt           W            Lane       

Navigator                 F/O          E             LeGrice

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           W            Graham

WOP                       W/O          P            Roberts

M/Upper                  Sgt           W            Smallbridge

R/Gunner                Sgt            F            Bannister

 F/Engineer             Sgt           S             Eltherington (replaced by Sgt J. Ruff)   

M/AG                      Sgt           H             Fox


Pilot                         F/O          B              Poberts   

Navigator                F/O          E               Kelly

Bomb Aimer           Sgt           P               Switzer

WOP                      Sgt           P               Mihell

M/Upper                 Sgt           J               McConnel

R/Gunner               Sgt           W              McPhee

F/Engineer              Sgt           D              Natheson

M/AG                      Sgt           J               Gordon



Pilot                         F/O          W             Regimbal

Navigator                 F/O          P              Rose

Bomb Aimer             F/O          H             Rabkin

WOP                        P/O          G              Zubra

M/Upper                   Sgt           V              Nelson

R/Gunner                 Sgt           K              Morton

F/Engineer               Sgt           S              Spence   

M/AG                       Sgt           J               Lechance


Pilot                         W/O        L              Russell   

Navigator                F/Sgt       J              Gallagher

Bomb Aimer            W/O        P              Pokryfka

WOP                       F/Sgt       C              Craigie

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       P              Brown

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       W            Jones

F/Engineer              Sgt           L             Trowsdale


Pilot                         F/O          P              Sierolawaki            

Navigator                P/O          J               Page

Bomb Aimer           Sgt           W             Webb

WOP                       F/O          A              Joyce

M/Upper                 Sgt           J               Vine

R/Gunner               Sgt           W             Molden

F/Engineer             Sgt           J               Wood

M/AG                      F/O          W             Huskilson



Pilot                        F/Sgt       C              Gue        

Navigator                F/Sgt       I               Campbell

Bomb Aimer           F/O          G              Abel

WOP                       F/Sgt       F              Fasang

M/Upper                  F/Sgt       E              Engman

R/Gunner                F/Sgt       E              Gates

F/Engineer              Sgt          L              Broughton

M/AG                      Sgt          W             Dekur



Pilot                         F/O          A              Stein       

Navigator                F/O          G              Penaud

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           P              Harvey

WOP                       Sgt           G             Reeson

M/Upper                  Sgt           A              Profosky

R/Gunner                Sgt           W             Robertson

F/Engineer              Sgt           A              MacIver

M/AG                      Sgt           L               McElroy


Pilot                          W/O        P             Stevens  

Navigator                 W/O        G             Murray

Bomb Aimer             F/Sgt      H             Nunziate

WOP                        W/O       W             Steele

M/Upper                   Sgt         A              Dennis

R/Gunner                 F/S         F              Bogle

F/Engineer               P/O        J               Mount


Pilot                         P/O         D              Andrews 

Navigator                 F/O         J               Willis

Bomb Aimer            W/O        J               Pelletier

WOP                       W/O        P               Evans

M/Upper                  Sgt          J               McDonald

R/Gunner                F/S          J               Conroy

F/Engineer              Sgt          G              Grant

M/AG                      Sgt           V              Valde




Pilot                        W/C         F              Ball         

Navigator                F/L           L              McDonald

Bomb Aimer           P/O          G              Johnson

WOP                      P/O          B              Blackburn

M/Upper                 P/O          W             Patterson

R/Gunner                F/O          J              Samwald

F/Engineer              Sgt          P              Goodenough

M/AG                      Sgt          W             McPhee



Pilot                         F/L           H              Barnes    

Navigator                F/O           J               Moulden

Bomb Aimer            Sgt           W             McLeod

WOP                       W/O          J              Dubois

M/Upper                  Sgt           L              Ballantyne

R/Gunner                Sgt           S              Bayerle

F/Engineer              Sgt           J               Rome




Pilot                         F/O          L            Belcher   

Navigator                P/O          H            Brier

Bomb Aimer           F/O          N             Strosberg

WOP                       F/O         H              Irving

M/Upper                 F/O          L              Murray

R/Gunner               F/Sgt       N              Butler

F/Engineer              Sgt          L              Mawson

Huffman Crew


Pilot                        P/O          C             Chartier  

Navigator                Sgt           J              Harrison

Bomb Aimer           Sgt           J              Veales

WOP                      W/O         F              Morrison

M/Upper                 Sgt          D              Hunt

R/Gunner               Sgt          J              Beharriell

F/Engineer             Sgt          P             Antrobus

M/AG                      Sgt           D            Sample