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Lockheed Aurora 

Aircraft Description Originally designed for anti-submarine warfare (ASW), the CP-140 Aurora’s 17-hour endurance and 9266 km range make the aircraft useful for a wide range of operations, including SAR and surveillance missions.

The Canadian version of the U.S. Navy’s turboprop-powered Lockheed P-3 “Orion”—a long-range, land-based maritime patrol aircraft—the Aurora features an enhanced ASW electronics suite.

Length 35.61 m
Wingspan 30.37 m
Height 10.30 m
Empty Weight 27 892 kg
Maximum Gross Weight 64 410 kg
Power 4 Alison T-56-A-14-LFE turboprop engines
Maximum Speed 750 km/h
Cruising Speed 648 km/h
Service Ceiling 10 668 m
Range 9266 km
Surveillance Equipment Radar; sonobuoys; forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera; magnetic anomaly detector (MAD); electronic support measures (ESM); fixed 70 mm camera; hand-held camera; night vision goggles; gyrostabilized binoculars
Weapons System Mark 46 Mod. V anti-submarine torpedoes; signal chargers; smoke markers; illumination flares
(Note: can also be retrofitted to carry anti-ship air-to-surface missiles)
Other Equipment Two “Sea Survival Kit—Air-Droppable” (SKAD), and Arctic SKAD units
Crew 2 pilots, 1 flight engineer, 2 navigators, 5 airborne electronic sensor operators (AESOPs)
(Note: crew size will vary according to mission)
Year(s) procured 1980
Quantity in RCAF 18
19 Wing Comox, BC
14 Wing Greenwood, NS