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Some Pigs Can Fly

Former Swordfish and retired airline captain Peter Rowlands recently released an autobiographical history of his aviation career -SOME PIGS CAN FLY.   Peter’s book is filled with relatable stories that I am certain will peak the interest of many Association members.  With over 40 years of aviation experience in many and varied circumstances, this story offers just the right amount of technical detail combined with the type of jargon one would expect.

Peter amply proves that some pigs can indeed fly.  With verve and unstinting humour, he has put together a very delightful read.   As his aviation career unfolds, one is keen to turn the page and find out what new adventure lies ahead.  The depth of his recollections and the honest manner in which he addresses the many challenges he faced makes for a very believable and nostalgic look at the gold old days. 

With Peter’s kind permission “
Some Pigs Can Fly” is shared with the 415 Squadron Association.


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