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F/O Neil Conner describes how he became an Amputee 

WWll Veteran Neil Conner served in Bomber Command as a navigator with 415 Squadron, 6 Group, RCAF. He was assigned to F/O McFadden's crew, which flew 13 operational missions before being shot down on 05 January 1945 during a night raid on Hannover.  Of the seven member crew, only four members successfully parachuted.  They were all captured however F/O Connor had been seriously injured  This interview, taped shortly before Neil passed away on June 10, 2012 describes how he was injured and lost his leg below the knee after his Halifax bomber was shot down over Germany. After the war, he devoted many years of service to the Ottawa Branch of The War Amps. Video 

Pilot Officer Heffernan Story


As the 75th Anniversary of the Squadron’s formation approaches, the 415 Squadron Association announces the arrival of 415 Squadron ties.  These dark blue ties with the swordfish motif are identical to the original ties that were purchased by the Squadron in the 1970s.  The last ties of the original batch were presented by Fred Walton (415 Executive Officer) to Colonel Parent (Base Commander CFB Summerside) and Gord Forbes (Base Administrative Officer CFB Summerside) in July 1981.     For the first time in over 35 years these distinctive ties are once more available for purchase.  The Association has acquired a lot of 50 ties of which 18 have already been reserved.  While supply lasts, ties are available for $30 plus shipping fees.  If you are interested please go to the Association Kit Shop.    

Warrant Officer Fredrick “Freddie” Dorken. Story






WWII Veteran Douglas Sample recalls a tragic accident that occurred by chance on 21 August 1944, which had a huge impact on 415 Squadron. Click Here 

F/O Edward Rhind and the McFadden Crew

While the initial intent for this story was to focus
on F/O Edward Rhind, it quickly became apparent
that there was much more to be told concerning
the fate of the entire McFadden crew.  All seven
crew members are remembered.  Story

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