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WELCOME to the 415 Squadron Association website, a venue which showcases the historical record of the Swordfish Squadron.  True to its mandate, the Association looks for opportunities to keep the 415 Alumni informed on matters of mutual interest and to participate in activities that will maintain the Swordfish spirit and sense of pride in the Squadron’s accomplishments.  It has now been nine years since the Association was formed in the shadow of the most recent disbandment of the Squadron in 2005.  Since that time much effort has been expended to gather additional information concerning those who have served on the Squadron and to ensure that artefacts are maintained and made available for public display.  Ultimately it is the Association’s hope that 415 Squadron will one day be re-activated and that we can be of assistance to a new cadre of Swordfish.  

Over the past nine years our Alumni has grown to include over 120 members, including a number of World War II veterans.  We encourage all Swordfish to join our Association. While membership is restricted to those who served on 415 Squadron, we do appreciate hearing from family and friends of former Squadron members, many of whom have shared stories and pictures that supplement the historical record.  We invite visitors to this website to contact the Association should they have any questions or comments concerning the sites content. 

As we approach its ten year anniversary, I am proud to report that the 415 Squadron Association is in a strong position, with a sound financial account and a number of meaningful projects both completed and underway.  The Association’s Executive meets on a regular basis, annually sanctions three historical related projects, supports remembrance activities and maintains its affiliation with the veterans residing at Soldiers Memorial Hospital. We are fortunate to have a number of volunteers who share their time and talent to ensure the success of this Association.

Thank you for your interest and while you browse this website please remember the many sacrifices made by the men and women who served our Nation as members of 415 Squadron.

Chris Henneberry
415 Squadron Association



















Anyone who served on 415 Squadron after 1990 will remember this unique podium, which was always front and centre in the Briefing Room. Affixed to the front of the podium are licence plates that were presented by exchange officers at the end of their tour. It would be interesting to know which exchange officers provided the plates for this artefact. Anyone who can shed light on this issue is asked to contact the Association with their information.

The podium is now located in the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum and is placed adjacent to the 415 Squadron World War II display. A recently produced binder containing the biographies of former Commanding Officers sits atop this unique Swordfish display. You are invited to view these artefacts the next time you visit the Museum.

Sergeant James (Jim) R. Main























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