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Greetings fellow Swordfish

It is official. On the 5 June 2015 under sunny skies and with a large assembly of Swordfish proudly watching, the 415 Standard was unfurled and flown once again. On parade Lieutenant-Colonel Jeff Davis assumed command and the Squadron commenced a new era as a Long Range Patrol Force Development Squadron.

Over the past two years, under the leadership of the 14 Wing Commander, Colonel Iain Huddleston, himself a Swordfish, and a small group worked tirelessly to bring about this transformation, which has now introduced the first tactical level force development Squadron in the RCAF. The concept to amalgamate 14 Software Engineering Squadron (SES) and the Maritime Proving and Evaluation Unit (MP&EU) to form a 400 series Squadron was not new, however as the Block III CP140M modernized aircraft entered service, the conditions were right to advance a new proposal. As we have witnessed, with RCAF endorsement, the opportunity to re-activate 415 Squadron was possible.

Despite the short notice of approval (less than two weeks), 14 Wing organized a first-rate event to welcome 415 Squadron back to active duty. VPI hosted a casual Meet and Greet BBQ on Thursday 4 June 2015. The relaxed atmosphere in familiar surroundings was an ideal venue for old friends to gather and reacquaint. The Change of Command Parade was unique and exceptionally well executed. The 14 Wing Commander led the parade which included 404 Squadron, 14 SES, MPEU and 405 Squadron. The soon to be amalgamated units took center stage and once the transfer of command had been executed, the personnel were re-organized into a single unit - 415 LRPFD Squadron. Following the Parade, a reception was held at the Annapolis Mess. In the early afternoon Colonel Huddleston addressed the 415 Squadron Association providing an update on the LRP Force and in particular, outlining the role of an RCAF Tactical Force Development Squadron. He talked with passion about the need to build understanding of the Force and to provide timely and concrete results, as new capabilities are introduced. He stated that 415 Squadron will play a key role in building LRP Force credibility. That evening a formal Squadron Mixed Dining-In was held. Over 140 people attended this function enjoying the camaraderie, excellent food and good music. A heartfelt address by Major-General Derek Joyce was well received. So to were the introductory remarks of Colonel Huddleston. Of note the new Commanding Officer was quick off the mark. Employing good cheer and humorous antics, he rekindled old rivalries between LRP Squadrons. Everyone in attendance was happy with the outcome of the days' events.

The 415 Squadron Association used this happy occasion to hold a General Meeting. Over 20 members of the Alumni were in attendance at which time an updated Constitution was approved - the revised Constitution is now posted on the Association Website: Reports were provided on membership, finance, kit shop and projects sponsored by the Association. As well, those in attendance were provided updates on the 2015 East Moor Remembrance Ceremony and the Association's charitable affiliation with the Veteran's Wing at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Middleton. It was also announced that the Swordfish of the Year was Earl Goski. This recognition was richly deserved and I can say for a fact that for over ten years, as a volunteer on the Association Executive, Earl has constantly displayed the Swordfish spirit that is well known to those who have served on the Squadron. This announcement was well received by all of those in attendance.

Over the next few months the Association Executive will meet with the Squadron to determine how we can best work together. Following consultation with the new Commanding Officer, it can be expected that the outcome of these meetings will be shared with the entire Alumni. One thing that is certain is that we all look forward to seeing the Swordfish crest being worn by the next generation of RCAF personnel.

Ad Metam

Chris Henneberry


415 Squadron re-established at 14 Wing Greenwood following a decade’s absence

“The deed is done,” said Colonel Iain Huddleston, commander of 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia. He repeated the phrase on several occasions on June 5, 2015, as a series of significant shifts for the long-range patrol community were signed into effect.

A ceremonial parade before the base museum’s air park witnessed the disbandment of 14 Software Engineering Squadron, the merging of its members with those of the Maritime Proving and Evaluation Unit (MP&EU), and the renaming of MP&EU as 415 Long Range Patrol Force Development Squadron.




Memories of an Argus Patrol

Ken Wright was a member of 415 Squadron from 1964 to 1967 and during his military career flew over 3000 hours on the Argus. In this story, Ken takes the reader through the conduct of an 18 hour Argus flight over the North Atlantic. Crew 3, led by Captain Leslie Shumka, has been tasked to complete an open ocean surveillance search followed by a submarine exercise against a Canadian "Oberon" class submarine. Take-off was at 0400 and landing was at 2200.

Starting with the early morning briefing through the post-flight informal de-brief at the Officer's Mess, Ken provides a crew member's perspective of an Argus mission. He shares insights on the crew dynamics, equipment and mission execution, which were essential to build and maintain a "good" and "ready" crew.

 An Argus Tour Remembered

In this story Peter Rowland shares his experience as a Swordfish from 1964 to 1968.  He recounts the training, mentoring and the special events that occurred during his tour on 415 Squadron.  As you read his story, it is obvious that he enjoyed his time as an RCAF Maritime Patrol Pilot particularly when he recalls, with some humour, the Swordfish with whom he served on crew 1 and crew 3.  On a Short Service Engagement, he decided to move to “civy” street after one operational tour.  For many this will be a familiar story - one which no doubt is shared regardless of the era in which you flew the Argus or Aurora.  The 415 Squadron Association thanks Peter for sharing and thereby adding to the recorded Swordfish history.


Welcome Message

Pilot Officer Daniel Joseph Heffernan

Learn more about the mighty Argus - Article

Flight Lieutenant John Abram Enns DFC

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