ACER                KIA  07 February 1944

Pilot                             F/Lt            J.F.             Acer          

Pilot                             WO            J.L.              Dissing

Navigator                     WO            C.S.            McCarvil

WOP/AIR                     WO            N.C.           West

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.E.             Russell

WOP/AIR                     WO            C.E.            Simpson

WOP/AIR                     WO            E.                Dorval



Pilot                             F/O            G.S.L.        Anderson                   

Pilot                             P/O            J.C.           Savage (replaced)

Pilot                             F/Sgt         E.O.            England (NZ )

Navigator                     F/O            W.E.           Rolls

WOP/AIR                     F/O            W.K.          Sims

WOP/AIR                     F/O            A.L.            Turner

WOP/AIR                     WO            S.H.F.        MacDonald

WOP/AIR                     F/O            R.B.            Numberson


Pilot                             F/O            K.T.            Ashfield   DFC (RAF)

Pilot                             F/Sgt         D.J.             Blakely      (RNZAF)  

Navigator                     P/O            G.N.           Brown  DFC (RAF)

WOP/AIR                     WO            B.W.          Forbes

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.S.             Buchanan

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.H.            Wright

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.R.H.        Schneider



Pilot                             F/O            D.M.          Brotherhood             

Pilot                             F/O            J.P.E.         Legare

Navigator                     WO            R.J.           Hardican

WOP/AIR                     F/O            J.               Goodfellow

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         R.A.            Stamm

WOP/AIR                     WO            C.J.            McRae

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.S.            Young



Pilot                             P/O            H.R.            Clasper  (RAF)           

Pilot                             F/Sgt         H.P.             Flynn

Navigator                     P/O            D.J.             Cartridge (RAF)

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.D.            Donald

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.L.            Parker

WOP/AIR                     WO            E.R.            Saunders

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         F.E.             Dorken

Back row: TBD, P/O Clasper, F/Sgt Flynn and P/O Cartridge
Front row, TBD, TBD and F/Sgt Dorken

415 Squadron Crews – Wellington Era –  1943/1944

On 23 September 1943, 415 Squadron began conversion training on MK XIII Vickers Wellingtons at Thorney Island and the Fairey Albacore at RAF Manston.  The Wellingtons had been retired from Bomber Command and were now used by Coastal Command for Channel reconnaissance duties (anti-E/Boat) in preparation for “D” Day.  The Wellington Flight became “B” Flight and the Albacore Flight “A” Flight.   The Albacores were used to strike targets identified by Wellington Crews.  Following a work up period, the first operational mission was flown on 3 November 1943.  Shortly thereafter, the Wellington operation was moved to RAF Bircham Newton, with its servicing echelon placed at RAF Docking.   The dispersal of the Squadron caused many administrative and logistic problems.   Wellington and Albacore operations would continue until July 1944, when the Squadron was assigned to Bomber Command.

The primary references used to develop the list of 415 Squadron Wellington Crews were the Squadron’s Operational Record Books.  Additional information, included crew photos, has been gathered through numerous sources and is an ongoing activity.  Any errors or omissions in the information listed below are not intentional and the 415 Squadron Association would be pleased to receive any input, including additional crew photos, which would enhance the accuracy of this record.  

Front L-R Tony Paczkowski, Alf Bennett and Art Drohan  Back L-R: Jack Schofield, Doug MacDermid, George Shapiro, R.F Petts 

415 Squadron  Association


Pilot                             F/O            J.A.            Enns         

Pilot                             WO            E.A.            Nelson

Navigator                     F/O            W.C.           De Pelham

WOP/AIR                     WO            R.E.            Morrison

WOP/AIR                     WO            H.               Calvert

WOP/AIR                     WO            R.J.H.          Ross

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.B.M.         McMillan


SHEEN             KIA 13 July 1944

Pilot                            F/O            R.J.             Sheen      

Pilot                            F/Sgt         J.                 Hands (RAF)

Navigator                     F/Lt            R.L.             Harman

WOP/AIR                     WO            L.L.E.          Findlay

WOP/AIR                     WO            E.G.            Crawley

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.K.           Huish

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.R.             Vannier



Pilot                            F/O            G.L.            Smith

Pilot                            WO            A.K.            Douglas   

Navigator                     WO            E.J.             Rowe

WOP/AIR                     F/O            O.W.          Boville

WOP/AIR                     F/Lt            J.                 Logan

WOP/AIR                     WO            E.C.            Roberts

WOP/AIR                     WO            H.                Walters



Pilot                             Lt                M.F.           Tague  (US)

Pilot                             F/Sgt         N.K.           Preston

Navigator                     F/Sgt         P.                Clarkson

WOP/AIR                     WO            K.A.            Roche

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.A.           Slater

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         A.S.            Richards

WOP/AIR                     WO            R.                McCloy



Pilot                             P/O            R.H.            Watt  DFC                   

Pilot                             Sgt              D.W.          Gaunt

Navigator                     F/O            A.F.              Boyd  (RAF)

WOP/AIR                     F/Lt            R.A.             Gauthier

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.M.             Mihall

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.                 Bileski

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.T.J.S.        Mahar


Pilot                             P/O            R.H.            Watt  DFC                   

Pilot                             Sgt              D.W.          Gaunt

Navigator                     F/O            A.F.              Boyd  (RAF)

WOP/AIR                     F/Lt            R.A.             Gauthier

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.M.             Mihall

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.                 Bileski

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.T.J.S.        Mahar



Pilot                             F/O            C.R.            Watts       

Pilot                             F/O            D.W.          Aston (RAF)

Navigator                     P/O            L.G.            Griffiths

WOP/AIR                     F/O            G.D.           Nathan

WOP/AIR                     F/O            H.E.            Maguire  

WOP/AIR                     WO            L.J.              Kelly

WOP/AIR                     WO            N.               Shlahotka    


Pilot                             Lt                D.R.          Ewing (US)                 

Pilot                             F/O             J.M.           Clift

Navigator                     F/O            E.G.            Cliff           

WOP/AIR                     FO              D.D.           Stemp

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.R.           Jones

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.E.           Smith

WOP/AIR                     WO            E.               Steele



Pilot                             F/O            C.               Folson      

Pilot                             F/O            T.C.            Dobie (RAF)

Navigator                     P/O            P.               Clarkson

WOP/AIR                     WO            K.A.            Roche

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.A.            Slater

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.S.            Richards

WOP/AIR                     WO            R.                McCloy



Pilot                             P/O            A.V.           Foord

Pilot                             WO            N.K.           Preston

Navigator                     F/O            W.R.          Waldie

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.F.           Ward

WOP/AIR                     WO            D.W.          Stuart

WOP/AIR                     WO            W.E.          Dennis

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.F.           Atton


GIBSON            KIA  08 February 1944

Pilot                             S/Ldr         M.W.          Gibson     

Pilot                             Lt              O.A.            Lamb (US)

Navigator                     WO            A.R.           Armitage

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         R.                MacGillivary

WOP/AIR                     F/O            E.                Hanson

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.L.A.          Champoux

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         R.                 Urban



Pilot                             S/Ldr         R.A.            Gordon

Pilot                             F/Sgt         A.K.            Douglass 

Navigator                      F/O            P.A.          Brockwell

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.B.           Brohan

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.              Shapire

WOP/AIR                     WO            T.A.           Paaskowski

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.D.           Barnett



Pilot                            S/Ldr         H.G.           Keiller      

Pilot                            F/O            L.               Coleman

Navigator                    F/Lt           G.A.            Potter

Navigator                     F/O            C.              Wondolowski (replaced)

WOP/AIR                     WO            W.J.          Nieradka

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         D.M.          Finlayson

WOP/AIR                     WO            R.C.          Hanson

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.R.J.M.    Falardeau



Pilot                             F/Sgt         G.G.            Krahn       

Pilot                             F/O            D.L.A.         Laurie

Navigator                     F/Sgt         J.R.             Dryden

WOP/AIR                     W/O          J.G.            Thompson

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         G.E.            Robertson

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         G.A.            Hensen

WOP/AIR                     F/Sgt         J.M.            Lacombe



Pilot                             F/O            H.L.            Parker      

Pilot                             F/O            R.A.            Beattie

Pilot                             F/O            R.A.            Tretheway  (replaced)

Navigator                     F/O            A.R.            Graham

WOP/AIR                     WO            B.R.            Nelson (replaced)

WOP/AIR                     Sgt              C.J.L.         Sutherland

WOP/AIR                     WO            W.E.R.        Baldry

WOP/AIR                     WO            S.A.S.         New

WOP/AIR                     WO            F.W.            Harris



Pilot                             F/O            F.J.             Paterson 

Pilot                             F/O            C.G.           Waller (RAF)

Navigator                     F/O            J.T.             Rutherford

WOP/AIR                     WO            W.J.           Hurtick

WOP/AIR                     F/O            H.J.            Callin

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.H.           Madore

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.G.           Grant



Pilot                             F/O            R.H.            Ridgway  

Pilot                             F/O            M.S.C.        Smith (RAF)

Navigator                     F/O            J.R.             Murray

WOP/AIR                     F/O            M.W.           Cole (replaced)

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.               Pratt

WOP/AIR                     WO            R.F.            Wells

WOP/AIR                     WO            F.A.            Steels

WOP/AIR                     WO            M.              Shechter 



Pilot                             W/Cdr       C.G.             Rutten  DSC

Pilot                               various

Navigator                     F/Lt            A.W.           Hornbrook (RAF)

WOP/AIR                     F/O            R.A.            Swainston

WOP/AIR                     WO            J.H.L.         Donald

WOP/AIR                     WO            W.E.           Norquay

WOP/AIR                     WO            V.W.          Eldridge



Pilot                             WO            J.W.           Schofield

Pilot                             F/Sgt         R.F.            Petts (RAF)

Navigator                     F/O            H.G.           MacDermid

WOP/AIR                     WO            T.A.            Paczkowski

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.D.           Bennett

WOP/AIR                     WO            G.               Shapiro

WOP/AIR                     WO            A.B.            Drohan